A True Trailblazer: Kathryn Kennedy

kathryn kennedy

Kathryn Kennedy’s Estate Cabernet Sauvignon remains a beautiful expression of Santa Cruz Mountains’ wines, and the courage of her convictions continues to inspire women and others today.


I remember 9/11

I remember seeing my young daughters off to grammar school. I remember driving my older daughters to high school. I remember an uneasy feeling; I didn’t know why. I remember driving and answering my cell; hearing my husband’s voice, "Do you know what's going on?!" I remember rolling my eyes, thinking he referred to dirty…


This person writes lovely articles about life in France … it keeps me dreaming =)

Taste of France

1st strawberriesWhat do the French do on a long weekend? They go to the countryside! Easter Monday is a national holiday, because although the Revolution established France as a diligently secular country, folks weren’t so foolish as to relinquish days off.

Easter bunnies? On sale at the market.
Not a bad view.

On a back road that rivaled any pot-holed, rutted safari track, cars with not-local plates passed nonstop under a brilliant spring sun. More cars were parked under trees, their passengers scattered in the brush–a taste of wilderness without having to walk too far.

asparagus far
It’s obvious, right?

They were after asparagus, mostly. The thing to eat on Easter Monday is an omelette, preferably with asparagus, preferably wild asparagus. You need better eyesight than mine to spot it–fine green stems against more green. “It’s not the same green!” my friends explain. But I have gone asparagus-ing and even when it was…

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Saturday’s sip & saying

There's the saying, now here's the sip... I chose this wine to go with that saying because there is magic inside this bottle longing to reveal itself ... and, it's nice to believe in a little magic and delicious hidden secrets. Some may say Cathy Corison's wines are delicious hidden secrets, but I'm not so sure…